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Our Mission

Bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save you time⌛ and money💵 with an eye for your health❤️ and our planet's sustainability♻️ - all from one mobile📱 app.


Each year, 1/3rd of the food 🥘(worth $160B+💵) produced in the US is wasted. [1][2]

Households 🏠 account for 40%+ of the food waste. [3][4]

But... household consumers👨👩 don't have 'quick and easy' apps to manage 'lean and green' kitchens.

In addition, did you know that...

- 1/5th of our waking hours⌛ are spent in around our kitchens?

- 100s of food recalls ⚠️ are impacting millions of kitchens in the US every year?

- 1000s of pets 🐶😼 have died due to recalled foods in the US in last decade?

So, that’s a lot of wasted food🥘, wasted money💵, wasted time⌛, and potential health risks ❤️ - all in our kitchens!


A simple, easy-to-use, mobile📱 app for your smart kitchens to save you ...










One app,

to stay green in ALL!


In 3️⃣ simple steps...


A picture is worth a 1000 words. A video is worth even more. So, here's GreenEye in action. 


Download GreenEye Today!

Get our app today for free today! Must have smart-kitchen app🥘📱! Get 🔥 nutritional information, ⚠️ recall alerts for grocery and pet foods🐶😼, 💡tips to reduce food waste, item timers⏰, smart shopping lists📝, and more! 📗 Be green in time⌛ and money💰 with an eye for your health❤️ and our planet’s sustainability♻️!

Looking for an Android/Google Play version? GreenEye for Android is coming very soon. Please sign up here to get notified🔔 of the Android release.